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John Buckley Advisors is a employee benefits health care broker, offering healthcare plans and services for companies in the U.S...


Ask us how we can assist in working within your company's health care budget or how we can help in managing governmental fiscal constraints

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What We Offer!

  • Healthcare benefits we offer
  • Exchange  health care plans for small and large group California companies.
  • Self-insured or partially self-insured plans for California companies.
  • Ancillary employee benefit plans including, chiropractic, acupuncture,etc.


  • John Buckley Advisors was awarded Top Producer for Small Group Sales by Anthem Blue Cross
  • John Buckley advisors received recoginition, acknowledgement and thanks for his participation in charity work for the Rotary Club in Mexico for service to the community.

Health Care Plans

John Buckley Advisors offers Small and Large Group Health Care for Companies governed by the PPACA. John Buckley Advisors offers health care insurance coverage for Oregon and California and multi-state coverage.


John Buckley Advisors offers the ability for you to choose between a fully funded or self-funded healthcare plan that suits for your Company either on a state or national basis.