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If you are in doubt as to whether your current healthcare arrangement is right for you, we can help!

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1.A current census or spreadsheet of employees and dependents covered.

2.A copy of a recent bill.

3.A benefit summary (i.e. deductibles, office visit co-pays, out-of pocket costs).

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Let us help clarify how your current plan will be affected by the employer mandate
- Pay or Play.
  • Do I choose a Public or Private exchange, or keep my current plan?
  • What penalties should we be concerned about in 2015?
  • What alternative plans are there that minimize premium and risk, avoid penalties and remain compliant under the PPACA?

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"The care and maintenance of the human frame would more and
more reduce the need for expensive surgeries and life long dependencies
on medications as human beings maximized their own self-healing abilities."
Thomas Edison