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John Buckley Advisors offer group health care and employee benefits for California and national companies, municipalites, non-profit and non-federal govermental entities. 

We offer an inclusive and robust choice of healthcare plan designs. Whether the plan is insured, self funded or hybrid,  we have no proprietary leanings nor will we push  products in any way.

Rest assured that we will do our upmost to identify, manage and satisfy your expectations.

Please call for a appointment, consultation and analysis.


Fully Funded Company Plans

2014 begins with four levels of plan benefits offered in the government exchanges. Fully funded (fully-insured) plans favor companies with aging populations trending toward higher usuage and claims.


Self-Funded Company Plans

Plan design and costs can be tailored to firm's demographics and desired level of benefits. Self-funded plans favor younger, healthier companies.


Individual Plans

Individuals cannot be denied health insurance with pre-existing conditions in 2014.

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