Insomnia Herbs

Homeopathic Insomnia Remedies

Sleep is one of the few opportunities wherein your brain and body can rest to function well again. Nevertheless, people who suffer from insomnia cannot take advantage of this opportunity, which is why they end up being restless and tiresome the next day. Because of insomnia, sufferers tend to be physically and mentally fatigued each day. It is during these times that homeopathic insomnia remedies are deemed useful. These can help you and many other insomnia patients to get long and sound sleep at night.

Homeopathy suggests that the symptoms you experience are your body’s way to fight diseases. What homeopathic insomnia remedies do is stimulate your immune system to fight off the diseases and in this case, the symptoms of insomnia.

The remedies based on homeopathy are accessible over-the-counter, but you are still advised to get professional help from a homeopath to not reap the complications of overdose.

· Aconitum Apellus is a natural remedy that helps a person who panics because of sleeplessness. It prevents fear and anxiety from occurring when you are about to sleep or when you are already asleep.

· Belladonna is helpful for an individual who becomes too restless in falling asleep. If you are a person who dreads sleep because you see scary images, this is for you. Furthermore, if nightmares wake you or you experience throbs in your head that impedes your sleep, this remedy is for you.

· Arsenicum album is for people who fall too anxious, worried and compulsive about small things. These are people who find it hard to fall asleep if they know things are not in their perfect place. This remedy can help people eliminate weariness and exhaustion. It also takes away physical and mental restlessness. This prevents a sleep and frightful sleep from occurring.

· Calcarea Phosphorica is for people who experience pain such as joint pains, stiff neck and shoulder tension. These pains make a person stay awake for hours, feeling too distressed and irritated.

· Ignatia is the remedy used to treat insomnia caused by emotional distress like grief, disappointment, trauma, shock or argument. A person that is emotionally upset sighs and yawns too much in the daytime, but is not able to get rest and sleep at night. This person’s sleep is shallow and troubled; a simple stimulus can awaken this insomnia patient. If your insomnia is caused by such agent, ignatia is the homeopathic remedy that is right for you.

· Sulphur is a remedy that is very much helpful to people who experience insomnia caused by itching. This is also for those who get heightened feeling of heat in their beds. A person who suffers insomnia from itching is highly irritable and stays awake between two and five in the morning. People who experience insomnia due to lack of exercise are also recommended to take sulphur.

Homeopathic insomnia remedies can work for you if you do things right, otherwise, you may end up experiencing more damage than gain. If you are not sure how to do the procedures, get professional homeopathy help.