Cancer-When conventional methods aren’t sufficient

Spanish Instructor’s  self treatment for cancer

It’s been 30 years, during my first pregnancy, when they detected a genetic deficiency in my kidney and heart; at which time I began with tumor treatment and medicine..  A little later it was determined I had hypothyroidism, a sickness that many of my family members had suffered. At that point I was to take, daily and continually, one dose of Eutirox. Even though everything inside was considered normal: there was a little discomfort, something to be watched, with regular trips to the doctor. Also, I was young which helped very much. But it was not until a  little more 15 years that cancer had appeared. I received traditional therapy,  but the state of affairs with my particular organisms were not very good. The recuperation was long and arduous and the treatment had worsened the status of my prior infirmities in this effort to fight cancer. It became necessary to alter the behavior of the kidney, however, my heart was not strong enough to withstand surgical intervention. I was always tired, sleeping the better part of the day, nautious, queasy, hardly able to walk.
One day, my sister came to visit and upon seeing me, with a frightened look on her face, she began to cry: the color of my skin was a greenish/yellow. The doctor had per-scribed a drug to help my liver but it wasn’t working. My stomach was irritable and hurt from taking so many prescription drugs. The cure, once again, was for more prescription drugs.
Tired, fed up, and each day feeling worse, I began reducing the recommended doses of the drugs. At the same time, I suffered knowing that my children would always visit and see me in this state of infirmity .I wondered, and began to ask if there wasn’t another method for a cure other than pills, more pills, injections, hospitals, etc.?
I obtained different books, began to read, with alot of willpower. I began choosing by intuition, since I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for. It would have been alot easier then, as now, to make use of the internet, but it hadn’t been developed. Finally, I had struck upon some different options. I had to focus upon food and physical exercise.

The following day, I began my own treatment: one of my sons helped me walk a half of a kilometer which took about 30 minutes and ended by me almost falling down. For the first several weeks, I need someone to accompany me but after 3 months I was walking 5 kilometers each time and shortly thereafter, I was jogging 10 kilometres, 5 times per week. I radically modified the way I was eating, I stopped eating all meat, all canned food, sausage, processed foods, etc. and I focused only on natural foods. I chose cereals, fruit, vegetables, all natural food. I took (and take) linseed, sunflower, and wheat oils, and others,  pressed and cold stored. I made a yogurt at home from a Bulgarian recipe, and began taking powdered spirilina algae. It’s been many years since I developed a method that I continue to use and adapt to this day. I continue to research and investigate.

In 1998, they operated on my kidney without any problems. At the same time, I was able to accept and tolerate the therapy against cancer, which had returned.

En 2006, I noticed a change in the odor of my skin, and this caused me to be aware of the return of cancer in an incipient stage.. The oncologists could not explain the odor but the last and most recent therapy received, had been the most tolerable.

Except for the periods of cancer therapy, the only medicine I have taken is Eutirox. The exercise strengthened my heart and it functions magnificently. Mi health is generally excellent.

Nohemí Burgos Madrid