Sinus Problems

In my 50 some years it seems  like I have always had sinus problems. I have had frequent colds, head aches, at times couldn’t tell if I had the flu or was I allergic to something? After undergoing various tests, the lab could not find any find a cause for an allergy.
It\’s been 3 years now and I have not had a cold or allergic reaction. What happened? A simple solution. A doctor had told me that I should be cleaning out my nasal passages daily, as bacteria, etc. becomes lodged in there. He suggested a simple saline solution that can be bought at any drugstore. I rinse daily and it has worked miracles. Nothing in several years. It is so imported to me I rinse in the shower every morning without hesitation. I\’m sure I\’ll get  some kind of flu going around but feel that it is under control