Remedies for Burnt Skin
Apply aloe vera or vinegar on the affected skin; it will stop inflammation and pain. Avoid products made from benzocaine, lidocaine and petroleum jelly. Rub mustard oil on the affected skin and allow to it dry, this will take out the heat from the skin. Cut fresh cucumber slices and rub them on the affected area. Before taking bath, add some baking powder to the bath water, this will help to soothe the burnt skin. Apply lavender oil or peppermint oil on the burnt skin. Apply apple cider vinegar to the burnt skin using cotton ball. Take herbal bath; put few drops of chamomile and lavender essential oils in bath water. Take epsom salt or ice compress. Grate some potatoes and apply them on the burnt skin. Starch from the potatoes will soothe the burn.

Other home remedies to treat sunburns naturally are quite simple.

• Take 3 tablespoons of ground meals and mix it with half cup of yoghurt. Rub this mixture on over your neck and face. Wash it off after sometime.

• Two teaspoons oatmeal and a drop of honey must be added to half cup ripe papaya. This mask must be applied and kept for 20 minutes, after which it can be washed off.

• Mix honey and lime in 2;1 proportion and apply on affected area. It can be washed off in 20 minutes.

• A pinch of turmeric must be added to yoghurt and must be applied on the face, neck and arms for half hour on a regular basis.

• Cucumber and lime juice serve to cool and lighten sunburn. Therefore, they must be mixed in equal ratio and applied often.

• For sunburn relief, a paste of turmeric, barley and yoghurt must be applied on the sunburned area.

• Consuming raw mango juice that is mixed with sugar and salt serves as a cool, refreshing drink. It will help hydrate the system.

• A lotion prepared from vinegar and olive oil must be rubbed on the body before a cool bath.

• Applying a thin layer of sandalwood paste on the affected area can work wonders.

• Aloe vera is known for its soothing properties, so some pure aloe vera gel must be applied on the sunburned area for relief.