Acupuncture and a good Doctor

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Patient Success Story
From Kathryn P., Bay Village, OH – Patient of AHMA member Dr. Tamara Macdonald
Great Results With Acupuncture and a Naturopathic Doctor  Who Listens  After almost a year or so of being fatigued and having very low energy levels which I thought were due to menopause and aging, I decided to seek medical care.

My regular MD didn\’t find anything wrong with me other than reminding me that I was overweight.  Based on my blood test results and a high TSH level of over seven, I made my own diagnosis of thyroid issues and decided to seek out the services of an endocrinologist. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto\’s thyroiditis in January, 2007.  I was immediately put on synthroid and had unpleasant side effects such as heart palpitations, difficulty breathing and much anxiety.  After almost a year and a half of not being heard by my endocrinologist or my regular MD, I began researching naturopathic doctors. My research led me to my first experience with a naturopathic doctor that I liked very much.  However, that relationship lasted only a few months as he decided on a career path which no longer included patient care.  I found myself again at square one, searching for another naturopathic doctor.  Unfortunately, there aren\’t many naturopathic physicians in the greater Cleveland area.   Enter Dr. Tamara Macdonald.

I did some meditating and prayer and truly felt led to Dr. Macdonald.  Through her website, North Coast Natural Health, I was thrilled to learn that Dr, Tamara offered a free 20-minute consultation which I took advantage of.  I was also impressed with her bio, which included experience as a primary care physician.  The conversation/consultation was enlightening to me as Dr. Tamara share some personal history of her own that made me feel quite comfortable.

As a result of the phone conversation, I made an appointment to see Dr. Tamara in person. My first visit lasted over two hours.  Dr. Tamara genuinely cares about her patients.  She listens attentively and is very kind and compassionate while doing so.  There is never a \”rushed\” feeling as in a traditional doctor\’s office.  She not only encourages her patients to participate in their health care, she welcomes it.  A bonus I realized rather quickly was she also returns phone calls!  It is refreshing to find a doctor that is more than willing to work with you with any health concerns you might have. I am seeing Dr. Tamara for acupuncture sessions as well.  These sessions are something new, as I\’ve never experienced acupuncture.  Dr. Tamara put me at ease immediately and now I\’m hooked on acupuncture.  What a difference it has made in my life!

The acupuncture has helped me immensely with anxiety and insomnia as well as increased my energy levels. To reiterate, I\’ve been to a few allopathic doctors, and I wish to convey that Dr. Tamara is totally dedicated to her patients.  I\’ve indeed hit the jackpot with Dr. Tamara.  Her bedside manner is respectful and assuring, kind and confident.  My fears are always allayed when discussing my concerns with her.  I would recommend anyone with any medical issues to see Dr. Tamara.  She has only her patient\’s best interests in mind and body.