Exercise -10 moves that don’t require tennis shoes

Ten Mini-Moves that Don’t Require Tennis Shoes Chart Your Activity Every move you make counts toward burning fat and calories – even the small stuff!

Here’s a list of suggestions you can share with your clients that can help keep them moving between planned fitness activities:

1. “Walk up” rather than driving up to your bank, dry cleaner or favorite coffee shop.

2. Opt for the stairs over the elevator.  Too many floors to tackle?  Hit the stairs for several flights and then hitch a ride on the elevator for the last few.

3. Retire the remote control.  Get up to switch channels on the TV or to turn the volume down on your stereo.

4. Walk to the store, school or park rather than hopping in your car.
Don’t delegate your activity.

5. Be the one to go get the mail, put the garbage out or walk the dog.

6. Park your car further away from your destination any chance you get (i.e., shopping trips, dental or doctor appointments, movies, etc.)

7. If you bus it, get off a few stops early and walk the remainder of the way.

8. Shopping at the mall?  Walk a loop around the perimeter before walking into any of the stores.

9. If you arrive early to an appointment, take advantage of the extra time and go for a walk.  Tip:  Always carry an extra pair of walking shoes in your trunk.

10. Dig in the yard.  Gardening and yard work offer many opportunities for you to move – plus your home will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Charting Your Activity Click here to view a chart that details calories burned per minute. For More Information Your clients can discover useful tips and tools to improve their health and well-being on www.healthnet.com > Decision Power Health & Wellness > Start An Exercise Program.